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House Extensions

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Late figures from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors demonstrate that the market for new buildings is decreasing, meaning less houses are sold and bought. Most people nowadays are trying to save up money, stay at their old place for as long as possible, but what happens when there suddenly appears a new member in the family, and the old space just isn’t enough anymore? You build an extension. It has gone so far that for each person that decides to build a standalone house by itself, there’s 15 that extend. The purposes behind this are not difficult to see. It regularly bodes well and is a superior utilization of space. It implies we can stay in the same neighborhood in the event that we like it and that the kids can stay at the same school.

That’s the best part, you can gain new space, in fact build without the need to move out of your own house, how awesome is that, it’s like moving without the whole moving part. Not to mention all the paperwork needed for house extension is but a percentage of what you have to go through when you’re building a house from scratch. You don’t even need permits to extent your house in a manner that we’re proposing at New Build & Design.

The only problem and the time consuming part of the whole process is planning, let’s say you’d like to extend your house with an additional kitchen, would you like it to have a second floor, in that case what would like to be above the kitchen? Possibilities are limitless, bound only by your imagination.
There are additionally down to earth issues to consider that are not specifically concerned with the development process. Access might prove to be a problem. Perhaps you got two cars and you’ll have to extend your driveway? That could prove troublesome, that’s why you need to plan ahead. Your neighbors might be slightly bitchy and there’s a chance that they’ll make you some trouble, just because you’re trying to live more comfortably, human jealousy knows no bounds, some might have a problem with your car standing outside, some with noise etc. Other things that you should think about while planning to extend your house are: state of the soil you’re about to build on, water, sewer administration, electricity and basic stuff like that.

It’s not a very complicated process but it can be confusing for people that aren’t familiar with different laws, that’s why it makes sense to hire someone that will walk you through the whole thing, and even build the extension for you. Our building company New Build & Design will take care of every single detail in your place, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, you can just watch everything happen right in front of you.