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Take a look at our windows and doors recommendations, we’ve made a simple pros and cons chart to help you pick the right type for your lovely new home.

Plastic doors and windows have been dominant on the market since the 90s, it’s an easy to fit, produce and implement solution that is the cheapest out of all the available materials. Contrary to the popular belief it’s not hard on the environment in any way. It’s cheap, looks clean and doesn’t need to be maintained. The bad part is that it’s cheap, it can’t be repaired and the doors are an easy target for potential home intruders.

Second option that we offer is Softwood, it looks good, it’s light on the budget and it’s quite durable. It can be even cheaper than plastic if it’s glazed and decorated on build site. Cons include requiring an experienced carpenter to glaze and secure, there’s also the need to repaint them every couple of years.

Third option in our offer is Hardwood, more massive and good looking than Softwood, looks amazing on old houses if fitted right, but downside is that it can cost up to four times as much as softwood, but taking things into perspective it’s better to spend more money on a good set of doors or windows than having to replace them in a few years.

Composite is the third option, it’s basically tough wood, coated with some kind of metal to avoid the environmental effects, often used in harsh, cold climates due to superior insulation. They look amazing on modern design structures, such as shipping container homes, now gaining popularity in UK. It doesn’t require any maintenance, but they’re quite costly.

The last option we offer is metal/fiberglass, most often made from steel and aluminium, which is cheap and requires low maintenance, sometimes from GRP which can also make a strong frame. Those doors and windows look better than plastic but aren’t as thermally efficient as good, old wood.
These are all the window and door options we got in our offer, if you’re interested, give us a call and we’ll send someone to make a free estimate of the costs involved. New Build & Design works only with the best experts and materials on the market, our work lasts for ages.