Basement Conversions

Turn your basement into a living space

Basement Conversions photo
A basement doesn't have to be the catch-all for your storage needs. If you have a basement, it could be turned into a whole efficiency that you can rent out and increase your income by finding a tenant. You may also be able to create an entertaining space down in the basement by finishing it off and adding some unique features to it.

Your basement may or may not be finished. If it's not liveable or it needs a facelift, we look forward to being able to help you. We have converted many basements and have some ideas to show you what can be done with the basement as it is right now. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other features can be added so that you can turn it into a living space. We work on plumbing, electrics and all of the other services so that there is no need for you to work with more than one contractor.
Basement Conversions photo
You may not have thought much about your basement in the past. However, if you have one and it's not a part of your current living space, it's space that you aren't using as effectively as you should be. You could have more space for your own personal use or you could be able to gain more revenue from your home – and pay off that mortgage much faster as a result.

All it takes is one call to us so that you can learn about the potential. You may be able to add multiple rooms within your basement so that everyone has their own bedroom or create a space that you can rent out to bring in additional money. Whatever you want done with the basement, it can be done. You can entertain, send the kids downstairs to play, or even turn it into another bedroom so that your kids don't have to share a bedroom any longer.

The possibilities are endless and we can show you what the space can be turned into. We are happy to show you photos of conversions we have done in the past or listen to your ideas and show you how we can make it into a reality. Make the call and let us start working with you!