Bathrooms Installation

Small change can make huge difference

Bathrooms Installation photo
Bathrooms are not always the most luxurious rooms in the house, but they are where you spend a lot of time. At New Build & Design, we can provide you with a number of construction services that allow you to expand upon the bathroom space and add some features so that it is a touch more luxurious.

Some of the things that we can work on include:
- Vanity space
- New toilets
- Tub and shower conversions
Bathrooms Installation photo
Whether you have seen a bathroom in a home magazine that you have fallen in love with or you just know that some things have to change, we can help you. We have contractors that have an eye for detail and this allows you to benefit from their expertise. We will send someone out to your home to go over some of the designs and take a look at the space. Recommendations can be made and that allows us to move forward with a bathroom installation that you are happy with.

We will be able to remodel any aspect of the bathroom including mirrors, vanities, tubs, showers, and more. We have experience with painting, plumbing, electrics, and more. This means that no aspect of the bathroom is off limits, allowing you to get an entirely new bathroom if that's what you desire. Think about what you hate about your bathroom.

We can add windows so that you can experience natural light, we can change the doors so that they open in a different manner, change the flooring, upgrade the fixtures, and do much more. We want to hear about what you don't like so that we can make some designs to show you so that you can have the bathroom you have always wanted.

Jack and Jill sinks, a luxurious soaking tub, easier to clean vanities, new colours, and other additions can be done. Go ahead and think big. This is your chance to get a bathroom that you can be happy with. When you make some changes to the bathroom, it may allow you to stay in the house for many more years into the future. It can always be a selling point should you place the house on the market, too.

Call us today and let us talk to you about bathroom installations. You can have the bathroom you have always wanted once we step in to help.