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Plastering photo

Plasterwork is the development or ornamentation finished with plaster aka mortar, for example, a layer of mortar on an inside or outside of the structure, or mortar beautifying moldings on roofs or ceilings. The process is also known as pargeting. The methodology of making plasterwork, called plastering, has been utilized as a part of building development for a considerable length of time. Instruments and materials incorporate trowels, buoys, hammers, screeds, scratching apparatuses, utility blades, strips, strip nails, lime, sand, hair, mortar of Paris, a mixture of concretes, and different fixings to structure shade washes. 

Windows and Doors photo
Take a look at our windows and doors recommendations, we’ve made a simple pros and cons chart to help you pick the right type for your lovely new home.

Plastic doors and windows have been dominant on the market since the 90s, it’s an easy to fit, produce and implement solution that is the cheapest out of all the available materials. Contrary to the popular belief it’s not hard on the environment in any way. It’s cheap, looks clean and doesn’t need to be maintained. The bad part is that it’s cheap, it can’t be repaired and the doors are an easy target for potential home intruders.

House Extensions photo

Late figures from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors demonstrate that the market for new buildings is decreasing, meaning less houses are sold and bought. Most people nowadays are trying to save up money, stay at their old place for as long as possible, but what happens when there suddenly appears a new member in the family, and the old space just isn’t enough anymore? You build an extension. It has gone so far that for each person that decides to build a standalone house by itself, there’s 15 that extend. The purposes behind this are not difficult to see. It regularly bodes well and is a superior utilization of space. It implies we can stay in the same neighborhood in the event that we like it and that the kids can stay at the same school.