Complete Refurbishment

Tailored solutions to match your taste and life style

Complete Refurbishment photo
Maybe one room isn't enough. Many you need your entire home redone. New Build & Design can provide you with a complete refurbishment of your home to add size, add style, and add general purpose so that it makes sense for you. Whether the home is one you have been living in your whole life or you just bought it and want something bespoke, our team is well equipped to provide you with the design and execute the overall construction.

Think about how you want your property refurbished. We are able to work on the floors, the ceilings, the walls, the plumbing, and everything in between. It can be as simple as changing up one room, knocking down walls to provide larger rooms, adding an upstairs, refinishing a basement, and much more. Your home should be how you want it and we can make sure that happens.
Complete Refurbishment photo
There is nothing off limits, so the sky is the limit in terms of imagining how you want the space to look when it is done. All you have to do is decide what you want. Go through magazines, watch home shows, and even take notes of homes that you do like so that we know what you are looking for.

Once you have an idea as to what you want, call us. We will send one of our contractors out to walk the space, provide you with details about our service, and start working on some designs for you to approve. This will ensure that your designs and desires are captured so that we know how to give you what you want.

We are also more than happy to make some recommendations based upon the look you want to achieve.

Construction is handled in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your property more than ever before. If you're not happy with the property in any way, let us handle the project. You can dream as big as you want and we will work until you are happy. We have worked on projects of all sizes and look forward to working on yours regardless of size.