House Extensions

Affordable way to providing you with more space

House Extensions photo
Your home may not have the space that you need it to. How many times have you thought such things as… If only your kitchen was bigger or if only you had one extra bedroom? Now you can add to the overall size of your home because we offer house extensions. We have been able to create some incredible designs to expand on the size of your home.

If you have a large piece of property, spreading out is no issue at all. Walls can be knocked out and your home can increase to as large as your property allows. If you lack the property, we can always go up by adding a second or third floor to your home. There are always options and our contractors at New Build & Design are always up for a challenge. Let us make recommendations and show you what the possibilities are to house extensions so that you can have the size home that you have always wanted.
House Extensions photo
Whether you bought a home that was too small or your family has grown since you have moved in, there is no reason for you to sell and look for another home. Instead, house extensions can be an affordable way to providing you with what you need. You may want to make all of the rooms bigger or even add on a mother-in-law quarters. Think big because we are capable of making it all happen.

You may have bought the biggest home that you could afford at the time. Now your circumstances may have changed or you may have finally paid off the mortgage. You can now extend the home to the home that you wanted in the first place – and it's entirely possible.

Not sure you can afford a house extension? There is only one way to find out. Call us today and let us talk to you about your options and some of the pricing that you will be looking at. We will send someone out to sit down and talk to you. Once we decide on something, we can price it out to help you discover that it's more affordable than you probably thought.