Maintenance, repair or replacement - we handle it all

Roofing photo
Your roof has a finite lifespan and it may need a repair or need to be replaced. At New Build & Design, we have professional roofers that can provide you with the help you need so that your home looks gorgeous and offers the protection that it is supposed to provide. A good roof can lower your electric bills and ensure there are no water leaks.

The roof that is above your home or business is responsible for controlling the overall appearance. You may not have been able to choose the type of roof when you bought the place, but you can now. We can show you the benefits to shingles, Spanish tiles, slate, metal, and other roofs so that you can get a new look and the protection you need. We will work out prices for each and explain all of the pros and cons so that you know how to make a decision without leaving anything up to guesswork.
Roofing photo
Each type of roof is designed to last a certain length of time. Each one also looks entirely different than the next. When you need to start thinking about a new roof, we can come out and talk to you about the options that are available to you. This ensures that you learn about everything so you can make an informed decision.

We will also bring you samples so that you know what to expect so you can learn the subtle differences between some of the options. If you aren't familiar with slate or metal, the images can help to provide a better idea as to what your property would look like with that type of roof.

Roofing is an important aspect of your home or business that you don't want to ignore. Whether you need a repair or a complete replacement, we will be able to work closely with you. Contact us today for more information and to get an estimate. Our focus is always on you and that means that we can respond quickly when you are in need of a roof right away -  especially if yours has been damaged.